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FinOps is dead, long live the Cloud Financial Management

The FinOps Foundation substantiates its existence by the fact that about a third of all cloud spend is wasted and focuses majority of its attention on cloud spend, rather than long-term profitability – their definition of FinOps implies that FinOps…

Top 3 Performance Optimization Insights from using DevOps Guru for RDS

This post is written in collaboration with Oquant, a next-generation real-time artificial intelligence company poised to take a leadership role in AI and quantitative finance. Oquant’s initial product is a fully automated trading platform built on a one-of-a-kind AI trading…

How to Set Up the Latest Version of PostgreSQL on AWS Linux 2

Although AWS does provide their own RDS service for running PostgreSQL I recommend it only (1) if you frequently require restoring the database up to a particular minute’s snapshot and (2) if the CPU usage of the database server would…