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Cloud Computing

Jiri holds leading Cloud Computing certifications and is focusing exclusively on AWS. He has the required understanding, expertise, and knowledge of all AWS services and thus he can provide reliable guidance and support for AWS solutions.

Financial Trading & Asset Management

Jiri has designed and implemented ultra-low-latency economic and market data and trading systems for major investment and private banks and asset managers around the world. Jiri holds leading Financial certifications.

Artificial Intelligence

Jiri has extensive experience developing ultra-fast complex artificial intelligence decision-supporting systems upgrading one’s abilities to draw actionable intelligent conclusions from enormous amount of data. It’s not just about finding and ranking patterns, but about taking into critical consideration data sets otherwise not accessible and about drawing insights with minimum cognitive load.

MS Office Add-ins Development

Jiri has been architecting leading domain-specific MS Office addons across industries which have significantly improved Clients’ ability to communicate their ideas and their productivity.