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Most Performant Docker Base Images for Data Science on AWS Batch

1. Summary If you’re working with Python batch jobs that are heavy on mathematical computations, you might want to explore using the IntelPython Docker base image. In our experience, particularly with data science tasks that typically wrap up in about…

Top 3 Performance Optimization Insights from using DevOps Guru for RDS

This post is written in collaboration with Oquant, a next-generation real-time artificial intelligence company poised to take a leadership role in AI and quantitative finance. Oquant’s initial product is a fully automated trading platform built on a one-of-a-kind AI trading…

NVIDIA Triton Spam Detection Engine of C-Suite Labs

This article describes the architecture of the state-of-the art Spam Detection Engine of C-Suite Labs consisting of multiple inter-dependent distinct classifiers delivering real-time, high-performance superior accuracy with minimum required manual review.