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    Jiri Pik is a Finance Strategist
    and a Business Intelligence Architect.

    Jiri has architected and delivered breakthrough trading, portfolio and risk management systems for major global investment banks, and decision-support systems across industries.

  • Strategy Design

    Jiri offers his clients to review and to optimize their existing processes and to analyze, to model and to explore fresh ideas with the certified knowledge of the best practices ...

  • Spearian for Excel
    ... is Jiri's flagship Excel add-on proving Jiri's world-class expertise in ultra-fast delivery and processing of market data and super-high-performance analytics solutions. Shop and Documentation
  • SmartScuit
    ... is Jiri's Financial Crystal Ball and an Algorithmic Trading's Strategies Dashboard showcasing Jiri's financial & big data (MongoDB, MySQL, Azure, AWS, Python, R and Java) real-time processing powers as any data is useless without the genuine ability to analyze it. Click Here!

    Some of the source code used is available at Jiri's GitHub.
  • Spearian for Outlook

    ... is Jiri's contribution to the lightning speed information processing and project management and an application of his state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence mastery to boost the users' cognitive abilities to unimaginable levels. Shop and Documentation

    Jiri is also an active SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence architect and developer. Click Here
    WIXESYS (WIse, professional eXperiencE, SYStems), a Microsoft BizSpark company, is Jiri's Premier Consulting firm offering their clients unparalled quality and speed of delivery. Click Here

Jiri's Focus Areas

Project Management & Strategy

In Jiri's view, sustainable long-term success in any discipline usually comes from (1) Superior Project, and Information Management, (2) Exceptional Communication Skills, and (3) an Expert Judgment.

As a Project Management Professional (PMP) Charter Holder, a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), Jiri prides himself on running successful game-changing projects within the budget and time.

Regarding his communication skills, Jiri's LinkedIn profile has been one of the 1% most visited in 2012.

Jiri's critical judgment has been well shaped by his global experience which provided him with the ability to see the issues from the right perspective.

Expert knowledge of:

Information Technology

Jiri has over 15 years experience with commercial software development across industries and technologies, throughout the entire software development life-cycle (SDLC).

In addition, he owns a successful Microsoft BizSpark firm WIXESYS and produces a revolutionary and successful Spearian family of power tools.

Expert knowledge of:

Business Intelligence & Finance

Jiri's Quantitative GRE is 800/800 and his specialty are data-driven projects which make full use of his advanced knowledge of statistics, theory of probability, optimization and calculus.

Jiri is also an active SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence architect and has designed Business Intelligence solutions in a number of industries.

He enjoys staying on the top of the game through financial certification - he is a FRM and CAIA charter holder and passed the 3rd level of CFA.

Expert knowledge of:

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