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On AWS Certifications

The article provides an overview of the existing AWS certifications and offers a well-tested strategy to pass the exams.

NVIDIA Triton Spam Detection Engine of C-Suite Labs

This article describes the architecture of the state-of-the art Spam Detection Engine of C-Suite Labs consisting of multiple inter-dependent distinct classifiers delivering real-time, high-performance superior accuracy with minimum required manual review.

AWS Graviton3 Adoption in ESW Capital

In this article, we would like to share ESW Capital’s experience with migrating one of our key software development products – DevSpaces – to Graviton3.

How to efficiently monitor AWS news with

AWS is the most advanced public cloud available nowadays due to its constant stream of innovation. That, however, means that it’s impossibly difficult to keep up with the non-stop flow of blog posts, videos and tweets. By my estimate, to…

FinOps Foundation’s “FinOps Certified Professional” Certification

We write to share our experience and reflections upon being the first students, and graduates (Jiri & Ermanno) of the FinOps Foundation’s FinOps Certified Professional certification program. Significance of the Cloud Costs Problem While only 5-15% of IT workloads have…

Career Advice for a 20-Year-Old

A friend asked me to talk to his son about how to choose a university and his career. These notes, always under construction, is the key advice. General Advice Always do the most difficult thing you can do. Be extremely…