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PostSharp and Excel-DNA

Introduction Writing readable and concise source code is one of the key objectives of software development as majority of the total costs of ownership of a software solution is usually spent on code maintenance. Aspect Oriented Programming enables, inter alia, to reduce the amount…
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How to use Advanced Installer for an Excel-DNA Project

1. Introduction Excel-DNA is a game-changing solution for development of XLL Excel add-ons in C# without VSTO abstracting away majority of the C++ implementation details. While a simple XLL add-on requires no registration or installation, the more advanced XLL add-ons…
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Optimal Database Architecture for Super-Fast Access to Historical Currency Market Data in MySQL

folder_openComputing, Computing - Databases, Finance, Finance - Market Data
Introduction The optimal database architecture depends on the structure of the data, the number of the records to be stored, their intended updates (if any), the typical queries and their frequency, and the database engine itself. Each database engine is…
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How to run Ultra-Fast WordPress on Http/2 with ALPN, WP-Rocket and AWS CloudFront on AWS and RHEL

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folder_openComputing, Computing - DevOps
Introduction A website is a mirror of his/her owner. If one’s website is too slow, maybe the owner does not care about pushing the limits in all his/her other endeavors. The steps below outline the instructions how to set up…
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