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Target Customers

Communicators, Executives, CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, CIOs, and anybody requiring to process and to systematically organize enormous amount of information in as little time as possible while dramatically reducing the time spent on structuring of the information itself.

Problem Identification

MS Outlook is one of the most used applications for most of the people. Yet still, there are some features which would make the Outlook experience much smoother.

  1. In a year workers spend, on average 111 workdays dealing with e-mail. … A 10% increase in efficiency would buy back more than two workweeks per year per employee” – Harvard Business Review June 2013

  2. A number of studies have shown that people spend at least 10% of their emailing time on filing the messages to the right folder which is certainly a waste of time.

  3. Even greater number of studies have shown that the quality of personal life is in direct proportion to the quality and amount of information one processes.

Problem Solution

Spearian for MS Outlook addresses both above mentioned issues and much more:

  1. With Spearian for MS Outlook’s revolutionary SmartFiling, the amount of time needed drops to less than 1%.

  2. With Spearian for MS Outlook, one can process much more information efficiently in shorter time, thus multiplying her productivity.

Spearian for MS Outlook has been designed to help you organize all your Outlook information in a more systematic way while dramatically reducing the time you spend on structuring of the information itself.

The key Spearian for MS Outlook’s revolutionary functionality includes:

  • SmartFiling – do you enjoy wasting your time moving the messages from the Inbox and Sent folders to the right folder? This feature provides automatic filing suggestions based upon most sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms suggesting what folder the message and response should go based upon subject of the message, people involved, contents of the message and other factors. Thus you spend less and less time filtering and sorting emails and more and more time enjoying your life.
  • SmartContacts – contacts cultivation is critical for business and personal success. Spearian for MS Outlook provides its users with automatic addition of missing contacts to the address book and other enhanced functionality
  • SmartCategories – categories help organize tasks, contacts and emails to related groupings. Spearian for MS Outlook enhances the standard Outlook functionality by suggesting the most likely categories for new items and by efficiently managing the present categories.
  • And much more ….

Software Requirements

MS Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 both 32 and 64 bit versions. MS Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 and MS Office 365 supported.

Subscription Plan

The license to the product entitles the owner to use the add-on and to receive all free updates of the add-on for 365 days since activation.