The Number of Emails You Send And Receive Positively Correlates With Your Performance

Some people are confused about the metric of the number of emails a person sends and receives.

Your personal performance depends on (1) the number of problems you successfully solve per unit of time and on (2) how innovative your solutions are.

The more problems you solve, the more questions you need to ask and the more small issues you need to take care of. Then, innovation is all about “noise”, obtaining and processing of slightly unrelated information – initially, you are not certain what path to take and you do need to explore a number of avenues before you arrive at the most optimal one.

Emails work best for asking well-structured questions, and usually, well-structured questions are best sent in logical chunks, one big question per one email. Sending all questions in one email is not manageable for follow-ups addressing just a few fragments of the answer.

Therefore, there is a clear relationship between the number of questions and requests you make, which translate into the number of emails, and your performance.